Boss Babe:

A professional woman, or lady entrepreneur, who runs her own business, wants to start a biz, or maybe is simply a bada$$ at whatever she does. Either way, as a center of influence, she knows what she wants and goes for it.

Our Mission

To inspire and build a tribe of like-minded, positive women, who want to help each other grow personally and professionally.

Our Vision

Creating economic growth, financial stability, and social transformation by forming a network of empowered women, in multiple cities around the world.

Our Story

The first ever Boss Babes professional development and networking group was founded in New Braunfels, TX in Nov 2017. The purpose was to establish an online space where women could come together for support, thus a Facebook group was created. The online space quickly turned into so much more! With monthly training from professionals and guest speakers, to mixers and casual meet & greet opportunities, business & personal relationship were quickly formed in the local community. Small business owners, professionals and female entrepreneurs were, and still are, thriving from the connections made within the group.

After 18 months, thousands of women had joined the online space and our local events were the talk of the town. Everyone knew who New Braunfels Boss Babes were. The group serves as the local source for empowering women. The group's mission is achieved through monthly training and networking events in the community.

Empowered Boss Babes are making a major impact in local communities:

Economic Growth

Businesses are supported and populated by our members through our events.

Financial Stability

Most members are small business owners or have side businesses that are thriving from new/additional clientele from within the groups.

Social Transformation

Members are introduced to local establishments they may not have visited on their own, through events our group hosts in the community.

Find Your Empowered Boss Babes

Empowered Boss Babes groups are special, authentic, and full of love and support for women. Now, you can find these BB groups in local communities in different cities all over the United States! We invite you to visit a group in your area!! Please visit our Membership page to find a group near you!

Juju Rafii

The mastermind behind Empowered Boss Babes is Juju Rafii, Mindset Coach, Author, and Personal Development Influencer. 

After retiring from active-duty military, Juju became an entrepreneur and started her own business. She knew in order to be successful, she needed to surround her self with like-minded business women, who were interested in supporting each other. 

That's when Juju created the first local Boss Babes group where she successfully built a supportive tribe of women. Members were empowered through personal and professional development training and networking events. The organic foundation, authentic values, and motivated women discovered within the community is what ultimately led to the success of the first group, and now organization.

As the CEO & founder of Empowered Boss Babes, Juju developed a BB Ambassadors program to help expand this concept into 10 different cities across the US, empowering thousands of women. Juju mentors a group of BB Ambassadors who are launching groups in multiple locations, with many more to come! Local women are finally able to gain the support they need to be successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. 

Empowered BB